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Improving the life of children in Wales


Plant y Cwm is recognized nationally as a dedicated company that promotes and supports care and support for families, children and young adults across Carmarthenshire.

Do you need a reliable organization to look after your child after school? Do you need an organization to introduce them to theatre experiences and learn new skills that will enrich their lives?

We can help you to meet all of these needs

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Who are we?

We are a private company that works in the voluntary sector and plays an important role in the provision of services for children and young adults in the communities of the Gwendraeth Valley, the Llanelli area and beyond.

What do we do?

Plant y Cwm is a leading and reliable provider of care and support to children and young adults.

Our Mission

To inspire hope, and contribute to the welfare of children and young adults by providing the influences and linguistic experiences for personal development through integrated activities, education and community participation.

Our Vision

To help children and young adults live the type of life they choose.

Diversity and Innovation

Ingenuity is born in creative play


Children have a special way to bring joy to every day. By looking into their eyes we see that they can do whatever they imagine. We can only help them to imagine and inspire them to realize their dreams.

Main Activities



Ingenuity is born in creative play. We have clubs throughout the Gwendraeth Valley and the Llanelli area that teaches children through creative play under the care and supervision of experienced staff. The clubs encourage the child to develop their identity through choice and encouragement.



Mae plant yn dysgu mewn nifer fawr o ffyrdd boed ai’n ffurfiol neu adiwch. Mae’r clybiau yn cynnig cyfleoedd i ddysgu a datblygu sgiliau newydd mewn amgylchedd creadigol a diogel  sy’n ychwanegu at ei haddysg ffurfiol trwy gynnig amrywiaeth o weithgareddau a sgiliau newydd.



Children’s development is dependent on a large number of factors. Introducing timely influences that are appropriate to their age and ability are essential and practical experiences are a reliable way to increase skills quickly.



Intuition is an extraordinary power and the use of intuitive creative activities extends children’s abilities and is maximized by collaborating with other children through creative play.


Main Principles

Principles that permeate all activities

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Care and Support

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Plant y Cwm Awards

Gwobrau ac Arfer Da

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Sponsors and Partnerships

The list of sponsors and partners is growing every year. Being supported is so important for the continuation of our plans to offer full experiences for the children of Cwm Gwendraeth and the Llanelli area.

It’s a big thank you and the children’s thanks is reflected in the language, culture and life skills progress that plays such an important part in its lives.

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The Calendar fills up day by day with so many activities and events.

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We work closely with Menter Cwm Gwendraeth Elli.

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