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Children’s Forum

Partners and Sponsors.

The Plant y Cwm Forum is a group of Carmarthenshire organisations who work with children, youth and young adults. The Forum includes organisations such as the Fire Brigade, The Police, Mudiad Meithrin, Menter Cwm Gwendraeth Elli etc. The Forum meets four times a year to share good practice and resources. The Forum’s intention is to ensure that we work together for the benefit of children, youth and young adults and to avoid unnecessary duplication.

Our partners and sponsors are the cornerstone of the Cwm y Plant activities and are a major part of the success of our Clubs, Theaters and Life Skills.

Mudiad Meithrin

Plant y Cwm holds Nursery Sports with Mudiad Meithrin on three occasions at Parc y Scarlets during the month of May in order to promote health and wellbeing for all the children of the Gwendraeth and Llanelli area that attend Cylch Meithrin. Cylch Meithrin Ysgol Pum Heol is also run by Plant y Cwm, and is supported by Mudiad Meithrin. ‘The Cylch’ runs on Monday – Thursday between 1.15 and 3.00pm in the village school hall.


Actif runs activities at our events, e.g. Miri Mai / Holiday Clubs.

Public Health Wales, PHW

Plant y Cwm officers are currently working on a PHW-funded Healthy Schools Scheme. This is a project focused on seven specific areas, e.g. Safety, the Environment, Physical Play etc. The aim of this project is to ensure that everybody has the best possible experience of being in Cylch Meithrin, a Private Nursery or a Family Center and take part in health and well-being activities.

Partneriaieth Plant, Cyngor Sir Gâr 

Financing part of the Cwm Plant Holidays Clubs

Mentrau Sir Gâr

(instead of Menter Bro Dinefwr)

Dim Clem Quiz is a project where the three Initiatives have been working together

Gwen Project

Part of events such as Miri Mai / Hydref Heini

Fire Brigade

Attend events such as May Miri, Holiday Clubs and skateboarding with Mother and Baby groups


Attending sessions for Mother and Baby groups

Road Safety, Carmarthenshire County Council

Holding stalls in different communities discussing the safety of car seats in Mum and Baby sessions

Children in Need

Funding projects with young people in disadvantaged areas.

Family Information Service

Rhoi cefnogaeth i rhieni.

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