Life Skills

Communication, Language, Literacy, Healthy eating & Keeping Fit

Originally, the Life Skills program was created as part of the Carmarthenshire Rural Development Plan. The program offers support for parents and children, focusing on communication, language, literacy, play, healthy eating and keeping fit. The project is a natural sequence for Language and Play and Numeracy and Play, focusing on the following core features:

  • Healthy Eating. The food plate – five a day
  • Healthy cooking at home and outside the home.
  • Food diary and label diary
  • Meals, snacks and food tasting
  • Caring for your body

The aim of the program:

  • Improving the development of a 0-3 year old language
  • Encourage interaction between parents and their young children
  • Encourage parents to share books and stories with babies and young children
  • Develop parents’ understanding and confidence
  • Set a foundation for lifelong learning.

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