Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Plant y Cwm?

Do you realize that it is through play children that develop their ingenuity and not by indigenous ability?

Although formal education is necessary for the child’s development playing with other children in a creative environment leads to a higher degree of ingenuity, confidence and social commitment.

Plant y Cwm provides opportunities for children and young people in Wales. We have a range of activities to inspire and entertain children across the Gwendraeth Valley and the Llanelli area. Seventeen after-school clubs provide opportunities for children to extend their talents and to foster exciting new interests.

Am I able to volunteer?

The main aim of the Plant y Cwm is to help children and young adults live the life they choose and volunteering to help in our children’s activities helps to make a difference in their lives.

Plant y Cwm is committed to enabling and promoting volunteering in all its diversity. Our current volunteer scheme includes secondary school pupils, teachers, retired professionals, local councilors, and our previous staff. Why not join our volunteer team and enjoy all the benefits of our expanding volunteering society.

Join us by contacting: Alaw Davies 01269 871600.

What type of clubs are there for different age groups?

Plant y Cwm activities are organised into different ages and there are a number of activities for all ages. There are many activities for children and young people to do and you will find more information by contacting:

Alaw Davies Plant y Cwm: 01269 871600

Is it possible to obtain financial support to send our children to the After School Clubs and the Holiday Clubs?

All children that are registered with Plant y Cwm Care Clubs, that is the After School Clubs, can benefit from financial assistance. Non-registered clubs, for instance, the Fun Clubs , unfortunately, are not eligible for this help.

For further information, contact Alaw – 01269 871600

Is the Theatre open to all children?

Plant y Cwm Theaters are open to all children from 7-25 years old. Individuals from any area may join and no audition is needed.

For further information, contact Alaw – 01269 871600

What type of activities do you offer in the Care Clubs and Holiday Clubs?

There is a comprehensive program of activities for each Club. There is a daily / weekly timetable, and we also procure a specialist service within specific areas.

For further information, contact Alaw – 01269 871600

Would you like to learn more?

You can ask a question either by sending it to us using a Contact section above or by completing the form below

You can also email Alaw Davies on or phone the Plant y Cwm office: 01269 871600

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