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Our mission is to inspire and enable our young people. We do everything to make sure they are happy and ready for learning.

More about us. Menter Plant y Cwm is a private company that works in the voluntary sector and plays an important part in the provision of services for children and young adults in the communities of the Gwendraeth Valley, the Llanelli area and beyond.

We serve groups of specific clients and, although we can charge for our services, we are a non-profit company. All of our profits are invested in our parent company’s language development programs, Menter Cwm Gwendraeth Elli, which is also a charity established in 1991.

The number of services that local authorities offer is reducing due to funding cuts. Therefore, after assessing your needs, health and well-being or social care professionals are likely to refer you to a voluntary organization for ongoing support. You can also ask for information about organizations that you think can help you.

More About Us

Our Mission

To inspire hope, and contribute to the welfare of children and young adults by providing the influences and linguistic experiences for personal development through integrated activities, education and community participation.


To help children and young adults live the type of life they choose.

Our Values

To help children and young adults to live the life they have chosen

What we do?

Fulfilling lives

Plant y Cwm is a leading and reliable provider of care and support to children and young adults. We are committed to providing the best quality service and to achieve and exceed all childcare standards across the sector.

In order to fulfill the lives and well-being of children and young adults, we recognize that we must ensure that children and young adults have the most appropriate determinants and developmental influences in their lives in all the services we provide.

To do this, we have created the following set of target principles as a means of measuring progress:

* Children and young adults are at the heart of everything we do …

All staff and volunteers make a difference.
Multi-agency partnerships provide improvements to life experiences


The following are listed in order of priority according to staff questionnaires.

Provide the best opportunities for children and young people to reach their full potential
See new potential and predict possibilities for change
Promote building capacity of the individual and the community
Prevent language erosion and community
Work together to provide a high-quality service
Recognize and build on work done
Promote the concept of community development
Encourage community ownership and participation
Encourage combination and teamwork ethos
Provide added value by working together
Regularly review our work regulation and case study analyzes
Promote and comply with anti-discrimination practice and data regulation laws

The main aim of Plant y Cwm is to help children and young adults live their chosen lives and volunteering in our children’s activities can make such a difference to these children’s lives.

Plant y Cwm is committed to enabling and promoting volunteering in all its diversity. Our current volunteers include secondary school pupils, teachers, retired professionals, local councilors, and our previous staff. Why not join our volunteer team and enjoy all the benefits of our expanding volunteering society?

Join us by contacting: Alaw Davies 01269 871600.

We work closely with Menter Cwm Gwendraeth Elli

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